Cost accounting

It is important to control the cost management process so that your company can survive against factors such as technological advances, increased competition, shortening of the product life cycle, and changing market conditions.

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What is Cost Accounting?

We calculate all the items that make up the cost of the product or service in which the businesses operate. Thus, we reduce the costs of companies and use many cost management tools together that will provide superiority against their competitors. We carry out multiple and harmonious cost management processes to provide both financial advantage and competitive advantage in cost accounting. In this way, we facilitate the calculation process of the cost items of the enterprise.

How Do We Do Cost Accounting Service?

  • We analyze the product or service production process of companies,
  • We evaluate the organizational chart and expense items,
  • We classify expenses based on type,
  • We distinguish between fixed and variable expenses,
  • We separate marketing, sales, distribution, general management, production, R&D, financing expenses,
  • We determine product types and product groups,
  • We create machine working hours, labor payroll and bill of materials tables,
  • We create the distribution table of general manufacturing expenses based on activity,
  • Costs of products, distribution and customer costs, etc. we calculate,
  • We analyze it by issuing a cost report and creating an action plan to reduce costs.

Cost Accounting Services

Although the name of our service is Cost Accounting, we aim to provide a versatile service.

Team Development

While providing Cost Accounting consultancy, we aim not only to provide consultancy but also to develop your team.


Effective Consulting

In our Cost Accounting support, you will receive support as if you were working with an employee within the company.



The work done is reported appropriately and your gains are perceived.

If you wish, you can contact our references and listen to us from them.


What Do We Contribute to with the Cost Accounting Service?

By making the most accurate and effective cost of the goods or services produced by the companies; we determine the correct selling price and what the company's profitability should be from this sale. Calculating the real cost of products and services is extremely important for the continuity of a company. Although companies can estimate their costs, they cannot pinpoint them. Likewise, it is very difficult for companies to calculate their costs instantly.
Knowing the cost of manufactured goods and services helps in determining the selling price. However, inaccuracies may occur when companies calculate costs. At this point, there is a need for a cost accounting system that can operate easily and efficiently. We; We calculate the cost of products and services transparently. We identify the items that cause high costs and produce solutions. In this way, we support the company to increase its profitability and grow.
Frequently Asked Questions

Other Details About Cost Accounting

We answer some of the questions about our Cost Accounting service. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us.

For businesses, classical cost systems may be insufficient for strategic decision-making. In this context, using a special cost model for the processes and operation of the enterprise instead of the classical cost systems; provides a great advantage against competitors and financial calculations. With cost accounting consultancy, the management of companies will be efficient, their performance will increase and an efficient cost model will be designed. Difficult and complex cost calculation programs do not understand how the cost arises and cost transparency cannot be achieved. Therefore, there is a need for an accurate and understandable cost accounting system.

It is only possible for businesses to provide high returns to their shareholders by measuring management performance. High returns can only be achieved with high profitability. Profitability emerges by calculating cost items.

We design the right cost accounting system, identify cost reduction items and support the management of your costs to reduce costs and stay one step ahead of competitors.

The dynamics and needs of each company are different. For this reason, we determine the pricing of our consultancy support specifically to the company.