Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing is the pricing determined by the companies that have a relationship with each other for the products or services in the transfer of goods and services between them.

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What is Transfer Pricing?

Transfer pricing is the pricing determined by the companies that have a relationship with each other for products or services in the transfer of goods and services between themselves. Transactions such as tax reductions and profit classifications are considered within the scope of transfer pricing. At Taxation Istanbul, we analyze your company's problems and solve your existing problems with an innovative service approach. Would you like to learn the details of the service we offer you and request professional service in the development of your company?

How Do We Provide Transfer Pricing Service?

  • We carry out our transactions by the relevant article of the Corporate Tax Law.
  • In transfer pricing, we ensure that transactions are carried out quickly and easily by using different methods.
  • We use methods such as the cost-plus method, price method, and transactional profit method.
  • By adopting a holistic approach, we receive support from different disciplines.
  • We work in coordination with our R&D and consultancy teams.
  • When necessary, we resort to alternative solutions.
  • We are working on time management and strategy determination.
  • In the transfer pricing, we consider compliance with the arm’s lengths.
  • We consider issues such as Customs and Indirect Taxes, Human Management and Organization Consulting, and International Taxation.
  • We adopt a professional and corporate service approach at every stage of the process.

What Do We Contribute To the Transfer Pricing Service?

Although the name of our service is Transfer Pricing, we aim to provide a versatile service.

A holistic approach is very important for the transfer pricing service. For this reason, we use different disciplines in the service we provide and ensure that each discipline comes together. In our pricing, we take into account compliance with the precedents. In addition, we attach great importance to reports and methods.


Transfer pricing, which is important for companies and financial administrations, embodies dynamism. For this reason, parent companies should frequently check their policies regarding transfer prices. We provide companies with the service they need at every stage of the process, enabling them to serve more effectively.


With the service we provide, we support the professional realization of transactions such as profit classifications and tax reductions to reduce the tax burden. At this point, we carry out our activities with an innovative and technological service approach and ensure that companies receive the services they need.


We ensure that the transfer pricing report, which is within the scope of transfer pricing, is prepared following the law and as it should be. Thanks to the documents prepared, internal analyzes can be created, and thus, past evaluations and plans, and programming can be realized.


Team Development

While providing Transfer Pricing support, we aim not to provide consultancy but also to develop your team.


Effective Consulting

In our Transfer Pricing support, you receive support as if you were working with an employee within the company.



The work done is reported appropriately and your gains are perceived.

If you wish, you can contact our references and listen to us from them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Other Details About Transfer Pricing

We answer some of the questions about Transfer Pricing. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us.

Transfer pricing is one of the important works for your company. Thanks to the services offered to you, you can transfer funds between companies and be subject to less tax burden. You can transfer funds to your company division, which has a less tax burden, and you can continue your work effectively by being under a less tax burden in total.

With transfer pricing, which is among the most strategically important transactions of your company, you can achieve tax reductions, tax refunds, profit classification, and distributions that play an active role in reducing the tax burden. Each of these issues ensures that your company is in a financially advantageous position.

With transfer pricing, you can maintain the services you offer within your company on a much more corporate basis. In addition, you can reduce the tax burden thanks to the services we offer to you with different departments or branches of your company or with companies you are affiliated with through partnership, and thus you can earn a financial gain. We provide the service we offer to you with our expert team and innovative service approach. In this way, your transactions are completed in a short time and a professional manner.

Since the dynamics and requirements of each company differ from each other, the pricing of our transfer pricing service is determined specifically for the company.